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Corporate Social Responsibility
Safety – Health – Attitude – People – Environment – Welfare

we believe it’s our duty to reinvest in our community and, in particular, the
next generation of young people.
With that in mind we’re keen to play our part in the local and regional
community, contributing positively and actively wherever we can.
We’re proud of the positive impact we have as a significant employer and also
in the way we help our local suppliers flourish and develop.
We also actively support many community initiatives and causes as a company
– and many of our employees are involved, either in an individual capacity or
with help from work colleagues, in charity fundraising projects.

Ethics Policy

Gmman Industries conduct business to the highest ethical and environmental standards.
• Lawful, fair and honest dealing.
• No exploiting of people.
• Hours of Work wages, allowances, benefits and all facilities with accordance of local laws.
• Reducing the environmental impact during production and transportation.
• Decent working conditions.
• Compliance with Laws & regulations in all locations where we conduct business.
• Prohibition of Forced Labor.
• Prohibition of child labor.
• Use of environmentally friendly office consumables.
• No discrimination practiced (any kind, type, gender, color, race, religion).
• No Harassment or Abuse at work place and with co-workers.
• Employee treatment with respect and dignity.
• We make all effort to prevent accidents or injury.
• Health and safety procedures are implemented and regular trainings are conducted for employees.
• Suitable lighting and ventilation.
• Clean drinking water is always available.
• Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy.
• Compliance with applicable customs laws regarding illegal transshipment of finished products.
We seek all supplier must do the same.
We believe and practice in cooperate social responsibility and welfare of our workers.

Environment Policy

we are committed to developing the business operation in accordance with the principle of
sustainable development. By identifying the areas, we can influence, and making steps towards
implementing changes, we aim to ensure we play our part in preserving the environment for future
processes through which we manufacture our products comply with the environmental regulations
imposed by local authorities and also to international standards.
• We fully agree with the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle. We use electronic communications
within the organization and with clients to minimize the use of paper. We aim to make our booking
system paperless and where possible most records are kept on systems rather than paper files.
• We are working to reduce travel to work by adding busses for labour and promoting car sharing in
order to reduce individual travel hence reducing carbon emission.
• We are working to reduce our emissions at work and have installed energy efficient lighting.
• We aim to build an integrated approach so that environmental improvements in one area do not
have a negative environmental impact on other areas of business operation.
• To regularly provide information and communication to staff to promote an awareness of the
Environmental Policy and encourage a sense of environmental responsibility. Where areas for
improvement are identified, we will work to implement updates and changes, as necessary.
• We are cautious about pollution caused by noise and water. Therefore, necessary arrangements
are made that are constantly checked and update