• At Fine Fit this is our priority to produce leather products in a way that it does not harm the natural environment. We have taken number of steps to protect the environment such as, Water treatment plant to ensure that the water is being
    treated and all the harmful substance are removed.
  • Solid waste recycling.
  • Only work with approved chemical suppliers.
  • Air emission as per the OSHA standards.
  • Noise level as per the OSHA standards.
  • Minimizing of VOC solvents usage.
  • Stake emission within NEQS limits.


Fine Fit has a strict policy to provide a fair work place for everyone.


  • Fine Fit doesn’t hire underage workers or support child labor.
  • Fine Fit doesn’t discriminate to anyone in hiring, promoting and training or at the time of terminating from work or retirement on the basis of gender, religion, race, national origin, disability, any association or political influence.
  • Fine Fit doesn’t engage in and support forced labor employment. We do not retain original documents or National Identity cards to restrict employees to move to another employer.
  • Fine Fit discourages all types of verbals, sexual, physical and abusive harassment for its employees.
  • Fine Fit is committed to ensure that all compensation & benefits in compliance to legal requirements are given to workers. Minimum wages as stipulated in local law are respected. Overtime compensation is paid at twice the ordinary rate of pay as per law. Other legal benefits like social security, EOBI, group insurance (compensation is given by Company itself), gratuity, bonus, leaves (casual, sick, annual, maternity) are given to workers in compliance to law.
  • Fine Fit is committed to ensure working hours in compliance to legal requirements. Management ensures that regular working hours don’t exceed 48 hrs. per week and overtime hours don’t exceed 12 hrs. per week. Management ensures that 7th day weekly rest is ensured. However, in case of “Urgent Business Needs” work can be performed on weekly rest and in overtime hours provided all legal compliance is ensured.
  • Fine Fit gives freedom to its workers for association and collective bargaining. However, workers have developed joint management and workers council as parallel means for freedom of association and collective bargaining.


  • We take the responsibility to keep the working environment safe and healthy. We have taken all the necessary measures to minimize the risk of accidents at workplace. We have organized system where teaching and training programs are being conducted under the supervision of qualified professionals on regular basis to deal with emergencies

Community Services

  • We often organize the medical checkups of our employees and some time for their families.
  • Cooperation with the local authorities to keep the surroundings clean and green.
  • Cooperation with different charity organizations and raising funds for the health sectors.
  • Scholarship schemes for needy students.
  • Donations for ambulance at a local hospital.
  • Regular and active participant of Prime Minister Clean and Green Pakistan campaign by planting trees.